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About Us

As India transforms to a digitized economy and social e-commerce becomes the choice of the customers, addsbook has come into existence to help the retail industry. The local shops for daily needs, cloth merchants, boutiques, chemists, eating outlets, florists and so on, are looking for solutions to keep pace with the changes in the economy. Addsbook provides an advertisement platform, social media platform and an online store to the merchants at a minimal cost

Addsbook as an Advertisement Platform

All the merchants registered with addsbook can avail this platform to advertise their products and shop. Our website will connect you with the potential customers, where you can give the deals/discounts to attract the customer.

Addsbook for Social Media Platform

Addsbook takes your advertising campaign to the next level of marketing, by giving exposure to your products at various social media platforms. Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest and like reach a wide range of social readers and probable customers and marks your presence in the world of social e-commerce.

Addsbook provides an Online Store for your Products

There are customers who like your products and the prices but are unable to reach your shop. The addsbook’s online store helps you reach such customers.

Addsbook aims to increase your sales and customers many folds at a minimal cost. We will provide you with the required analytics to show the growth in the number of customers to your store.

Why Choose Us

  • easy to use
  • personalised customer services
  • omni channel marketing support
  • affordable
  • actionable report
  • content-curation
  • on the go